Our network of homebirth midwives…………

Alina Hamrick, CPM, LM: 760-955-8377
[email protected]

Revelation Midwifery
Quincy Bates, CPM, LM: 760-228-1011

The Birch Tree Midwifery Services
Jen Frates, CPM, LM: 909-570-9122
[email protected]

Gretchen Walker, CPM, LM
[email protected]

Lisa Marie Sanchez, CPM, LM: 951-327193

Jessica Bingaman, Student Midwife: 909-798-7937
[email protected]

Robin Allec, MT, CD, CHI and Student Midwife: 760-953-0060
[email protected]

Lisa Kirkland, Student Midwife: 909-967-7098

Cristina Salmon, Student Midwife: 909-890-8903

Childbirth Educators

Robin Allec (Hypnobabies): 760-953-0060
[email protected]

Beth Maxwell Derry: 909-886-1438

Birthing Barefoot
Lara Carlos: 909-801-9145

Amy Wetzel, AAHCC: 909-800-6500
[email protected]

Stacy Lewis
909-823-0640, 909-510-9867
[email protected]

Joanna Whitlow: 760-775-6466

In His Care Childbirth Services
Barb Vasey: 909-266-6212
1-800-4-a-BIRTH, 1-818-788-6662

Mandi Woolery, AAHCC: 909-609-7558
[email protected]

Placenta Processing

Heather Corbet: 951-533-2633

Lara Carlos: 909-801-9145

Lesley Swick: 909-706-2175
[email protected]

Birth Photography

Tania McCracken, Licensed Midwife: 909-528-2417

Victoria Karalun:
Canary Lane Photography


Parenting Support

Postpartum Health
Postpartum Depression

Barefoot Mamma’s Network: Redlands area
[email protected]

For Moms and

About Families,

Darlene Lester in Morongo Valley welcomes mothers to a “Moms at Home” group the 3rd Wednesday of
the month: 760-366-9684

Moms Club of Redlands-East

Ask Dr Sears


Attachment Parenting

AP Parenting

Domestic Violence and Rape: 909-884-0156, 909-790-9374, 909-335-8777

Breastfeeding Support

La Leche League Leaders of the Inland Empire: [email protected]

La Leche League

Kelly Mom

Breast Feeding

Dr Jack Newman

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Childbirth Connection

My Best Birth

Giving Birth Naturally

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

Midwifery Today

Choices in Childbirth

Citizens for Midwifery

Trust Birth

Water Birth


California Association of Midwives (CAM)

North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)

Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)

Medical Board of California

Cord Blood Registry: 650-635-1420
This agency will direct you to companies that provide you a kit (for a fee) for collecting cord blood to store for the possible future use of the stem cells.

Terratogen Information Service: will answer your questions about the effects of all kinds of substances on a pregnant woman. (San Diego State University)
1-800-532-3749 or 619-294-6084

Postpartum Support

24hr.Hot Line 1-800-479-3339